About us

I am a Chiropractor based in Sydney’s beautiful Inner west. I have a passion for health and providing my clients with the tools and education to improve their own health and the those of their families.

Bespoke exercise and rehabilitation in conjunction with nutritional and lifestyle advice play a big part in my care plans along with chiropractic adjustments of course.

Every client that presents to a chiropractic clinic is unique in their presentation, health, needs and  goals. They therefore require a bespoke care plan. It is my hope that this website acts as a resource to help Chiropractors provide their clients with the specific exercise, nutrition and lifestyle advice needed to move them towards optimal health.

Articles, comments and stories are encouraged. These should not only be limited to the Chiropractic professions. PT’s, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Nutritionists and all other health care providers are encouraged to get in touch and add to the discussion.

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